The Consensus of Opinion Article in Harper's Bazaar, Photograph by Man Ray, March 1936

Amanda has an extensive background in the fashion industry and has always been interested in style. Though she hasn’t been professionally styling for long, she has had the idea in the back of her head for almost seven years.

Amanda attended John Casablanca’s Institute in 2011 and fell in love with the industry. Since the Vancouver fashion industry isn’t as advanced as other cities, she found it hard to make it, so now she works at an engineering firm!

While that is all well and good, Amanda still misses working in the fashion industry and was looking for an outlet where she could channel her creativity. That is how Pink & Polished came to be not only a blog, but a personal styling company as well!

Amanda has an eye for finding what’s perfect for you, whether it be that key item you were needing for your office wardrobe, or that flirty dress for a summer wedding.

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