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Friday Favourites: Agendas and Planners

Friday Favourites: Agendas and Planners

Hello friends and happy Friday!

I have decided to start a new trend on Pink & Polished where I will be posting my favourite things from different categories each week.

Up this week are my favourite agendas and planners for the upcoming (shudder.. 2016) year! I have a problem where I like to buy at least two agendas each year. I wish it weren't so, but I just love planners so much! It's a bit of an issue hehe.

Okay, enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment letting me know where your favourite planners are from! Xo.

Kate Spade 17-Month Large Agenda

This Kate Spade planner has been one of my favourites since 2014. This was the first serious agenda I had ever bought. I loved the gold dots, and anyone who knows me, knows that I can't say no to anything gold! It is a great size for school, or for your desk. It is a bit large for carrying in your purse, if you enjoy doing that. I LOVE the sayings at the beginning of each month, they are a definite selling point. It's so classically pretty that you can't go wrong with this one! And if you aren't into the gold, they also offer a few different options like black & white stripes, mint green and a colourful cover!





Ban.do 17-Month Classic Agenda

Okay, this one here is my personal favourite of the moment. I own this agenda in this size, but in white with black polka dots. It is the PERFECT size to carry in your purse if you are an on the go type lady and the cute stickers and quotes are an absolute must have. There is a cute pocket on the back page where you can put loose papers or notes so they don't get lost. There are so many different options for this one here, and you can't go wrong with any of them. I'm really happy with my purchase of this one. I think it will be the perfect size for my busy, upcoming year!




Design Love Planner 6-Month Planner

This a super cool and unique agenda from a local Vancouver designer (which I love!!). She has made it a 6 month planner from July to December 2015, with January to June 2016 in monthly calendar spreads. Once you receive your next 6 month planner (January to June 2016), you can simply and easily transfer all of your appointments over. This is a great option if you are looking for something smaller and lighter weight. Another awesome feature of this agenda is the tear out sheets for bills, expenses and even shopping lists! If I hadn't have already bought mine from Ban.do, I would for sure consider this one!




Emily Ley Simplified 12-Month Planner

Ah, Emily Ley's Simplified Planner. A personal favourite. I have been using this one this year and it is absolutely beautiful. I am a sucker for anything that is aesthetically pleasing. Next year's pineapple version is to DIE for. I am in LOVE with it. How stinkin' cute can a planner be?! There are tons of new features for next years planner, including the fact that it is smaller than the original planner (which I enjoy, because if I had any complaints it would be that the agenda was too big). I wish I could own every single planner that I could get my hands on, but unfortunately I cannot hehe. 



I hope this post has been helpful! Please check out these sites if you are in the market for a beautiful agenda, you won't be sorry. Check back next friday for my favourite online shops to buy beautiful, gallery wall-worthy prints! :)

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